Mrs Van Gogh Selected as a Prestigious Heather’s Pick at Indigo

I am thrilled to share the news of my book, ‘Mrs Van Gogh,’ being selected as one of Heather Reisman’s esteemed Heather’s Picks at Indigo. This honor is not just a milestone in my journey as an author but an incredible opportunity, introducing ‘Mrs Van Gogh’ to readers across Canada.

Heather’s Picks – personally curated by Indigo’s CEO, Heather Reisman – spotlight books that resonate with excellence, rich narratives, and the unique ability to connect with readers on a deep level. That’s the criteria given by them and not just me praising my own novel! To see photos of the Canadian cover adorned with the iconic gold Heather’s Pick sticker is still a little overwhelming. Yet, it’s a recognition that fills me with immense pride.

The journey of ‘Mrs Van Gogh’ – from conception to being featured on the coveted front-of-store tables at all Indigo locations – has been nothing short of incredible. Remarkably, my book marks HarperCollins UK’s debut on Heather’s Picks – a milestone that underscores the collaborative spirit and collective effort of all those who believed in its potential. My editor, Charlotte, is a word wizard.

So, as ‘Mrs Van Gogh’ takes its place next to the rest of the curated selection, I extend my deepest gratitude to Indigo, Heather Reisman, One More Chapter, the rights team at HC UK, Charlotte Ledger and HarperCollins Canada. I’m so truly thrilled to have this opportunity to reach (more) Canadian readers.